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東海林 舞


Tokyo-based Japanese bilingual emcee with over 20 years of making my voice heard


About me

Hi, and thank you for stopping by!


If you know me personally, you’re probably imagining me talking through the screen right now, tackling three, four topics a minute. If you don’t — well, that’s me and maybe a bit more, so pleased to have you here!  


I’m a Japanese-English bilingual TV host, event emcee, radio personality, writer, pronunciation coach, and public speaking instructor. 


Since pre-school, I’ve been raised in an international academic environment, naturally intriguing me to travel the world and eventually making me land in the U.S. as a college student. I’m now based in Tokyo, Japan, taking my career to new heights. 


In 2021, I was the English voice behind the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games’ opening and closing ceremonies.


I’ve also been the voice (read ‘main navigator’) for J-wave, one of the leading radio stations in Japan, for six years, interviewing unique people and celebrities from all over the world. Great times! My voice has also been featured in TV programs, radio shows, and commercials. I was also the anchor for NHK World’s “Newsline” weather section for five years. 


In 2018, I used my expertise and love for writing to publish my first book, “22 English Pronunciation and Public Speaking Techniques,” which opened a new career path I’ve been investing a lot of my time lately: English pronunciation coach for corporate executives.

I also write in English for various publications, focusing on bringing the latest and best in Japan to foreign readers.  


And when I’m not talking, I'm usually singing (have released an EP album in 2004), or finding ways to share the beauty of my native Japanese culture with the world. 



Things I've been up to lately

TV Regular

 Thursday 22:30~ BS Asahi  "All That's in America Now in association with CNN" narration VOG


The voice of the Tokyo 2020
Olympic and Paralympic Games

The English announcer at the

Tokyo 2020 Games' opening and closing ceremonies

My Book

 22 English Pronunciation and Public Speaking Techniques
「世界を舞台に一目置かれる人になる 英語の発音・話し方技術22」

Amazon Books English conversation No.1

New Channel

Recent Accomplishments

A few of the best projects I've worked on

Services & Accreditations

A few ideas on how we could work together 


  • Japan cultural interpreter 

  • Celebrity interview 

  • Hotel review

  • Spa review 

  • Restaurant review

Speaking & Pronunciation

  • Japanese pronunciation coaching 

  • English pronunciation coaching 

  • Public speaking coaching


Customized lessons available

Voice Sample

As a reference for your next event or voice project 


A few ways to get involved


Join MY Workshops

Join one of my workshops.

Whether public speaking skills, pronunciation, lyrics to a song, or just mingling. 


Stop by My Events

I hold regular events

Stop by at events where I will be presenting.


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I post information about events, workshops, and writings.

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